Collective mindset

OOJO® is a collective with ART and DESIGN activities. It’s all about the people & having fun in the collective that brings impact for our clients and for ourselves.

Founded 20 years ago, the collective still has a reputation for delivering (digital) creative concepts, with a high focus on execution down to the smallest detail.


  • svgBranding & identity
  • svgProduct design
  • svgCreative design
  • svgArt (OOJO editions)



OOJO® is a registered trademark since 2022 and a product/art label. All of our product design and art collections are subject to intellectual property rights. Following its respects for creativity and protection of intellectual property, OOJO® has a zero tolerance policy to counterfeiting brand or designs. 


Counterfeiting is the violation of the talent, the skills of the craftsmen and the creativity of the artists to whom OOJO® owes its success. Preserving the creativity and the rights of designers, artists and brands is vital to their long-term survival.