The Snoecks yearbook is originally a Belgian almanac, which is also published in the Netherlands. Every October there is a new edition with more than 500 pages of contributions on literature, photography and other arts.


Snoecks first appeared in 1923[1]. The Snoeck printing family from Ghent had been publishing the small Snoeck’s Almanak since 1782. The “Groote Snoeck’s Almanac” offered more stories and was more richly illustrated than the small one. The Snoecks yearbook as it still exists today was largely conceived and designed by Serge Snoeck (1923-1997). In the 1960s he broadened the ‘great almanac’. There was more room for photography, plastic arts, film and design. Snoecks dropped the apostrophe in the 1969 edition and was given the subtitle ‘literary yearbook for south and north’. The yearbook was published for the first time in Flanders and in the Netherlands. The book is marketed as a lifestyle product.


The last Snoecks appeared in 2022.

For 14 years OOJO was digital partner of Snoecks.

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