It’s all about the people

A collective
as a flexibleflexible

20+ years of experience

Go after dreams. Not people.

Yes, we love you too.

We are a diverse group of ex-agency people with a high expertise skillset and wide network of entrepreneurs.

It’s all about the people & having fun in the collective that brings impact for our clients and within our own lives.

Founded 20 years ago by Wouter De Clercq, the collective still has a reputation for delivering (digital) creative concepts, with a high focus on execution down to the smallest detail.

Our people are passionate to the bone in whatever they do, constantly seeking for innovation in how things are being done and together we have a never ending drive in achieving customer satisfaction through quality.

We’re helping our clients in making the complex simple and in designing change that matters.



Branding & Identity
(Digital) Product Design
Creative Design
Collective start-ups

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