hej då

Hey what…?
Hej Då
Hello. Bonjour. Ciao. Doei.

Hey Då, those are timeless basics with a wink. With a heart. With a word that makes you smile spontaneously. That connects you. Or that makes you reminisce about that one trip. Hey Då. That is poetry across borders.

Hey Då! Sounds Swedish but is Belgian through and through. Inspired by happy vibes, Hej Då brings stylish sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts in organic cotton. With catchy words in subtle prints and minimalist embroidery. Beach bags, caps and bucket hats complete the collection.

Our exclusive designs are timeless and casual. Mix and match with your favorite clothing style. Go for the oversized look or choose a slightly more feminine fit. Hej Då gives you the choice. Our items are always made to order. This means there are never any surpluses. In this way we want to inspire you to help write a powerful story. Without having to compromise on style. Or attitude.

Are you the brunette, the blonde or the ginger of the group? Is amour the message you want to spread? Or would you rather stick to a cheerful ciao?

Hej Då! Doei!




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