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About Neeka, our adventurous Australian shepherd dog
At Neeka & co everything revolves around our beloved dog, Neeka (pronounced: Nieka). Neeka is not just any dog; he is a lively member of our family, an Australian Shepherd with a personality as unique as his coat.

Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence, devotion and playful nature, traits that perfectly coincide with Neeka’s charming character.

The name Neeka comes from our heart, which carries with it a piece of travel experience in Sweden. In this beautiful Scandinavian country, where we discovered Annikka as a popular name, we found inspiration for the name of our four-legged friend. For us, the meaning of Neeka represents the bond with nature and the shared experiences during our travels in Sweden, which we now relive with Neeka by our side.

As an enriching member of our family, Neeka brings joy and adventure to the lives of our two teenage children. In the midst of their busy lives, Neeka offers a welcome distraction and the perfect opportunity to create beautiful memories together.

Neeka & Co: where love for pets meets style
Neeka & co was born from our deep love for our dear friend and the desire to find the best products for him. Our online dog shop is a place where you will find a collection of stylish and functional items for your dog, from puppy to adult.

Wander through our collection, which we curate and update with care and dedication, and discover accessories that will make your dog’s life even more enjoyable. Collars, comfortable beds or toys your dog will love, Neeka & Co has everything you need to enrich your dog’s life. We continue to look for the best toys and accessories for your dog. So be sure to keep following us.

Thank you for being part of our journey. At Neeka & Co we don’t just share products; we share love, adventures and the pure joy that our beloved Neeka brings to our lives. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok to follow the daily life of our sweetheart.

Welcome to Neeka & co, where style and affection come together for the perfect experience for you and your faithful companion.




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